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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  December 7, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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thank you. gerri:. >> i am denis deal tonight the jobs report rocks on austria but jumping get the national debate wheer to boost the minimum wage and extend to receive unemployment benefits and there's a laundry and emergency? but the real reason obamacare is failing and ready far deeper than on the web site also of are the katy imperial bureaucracy in washington bureaucrats ever reaching like never before coming up.
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and tonight we have a surprisingly good report on the unemployment jobless rate goes down at 7.o% as 203,000 jobs were added but w good was their real or is a more or less of government steroids with benefits and middle-aged? we have stevedore from "the wall street journal." and jonas harris we appreciate you being here. qualities he give the jobs report today? to back we are in the middle because you what the economy to impve but not want to the fed to stop totally but yet you want to show it is getting better because sees earnings have to grow so the goldilocks scenario is the underlying growth would pick up and yet pick up later but
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then not have a crash when the rates go higher. dennis: you say the stocks go down with good news becae we are scared of they will tie ended? but today they went up triple digits is there such an attitude to where i think the economy will go okay? >> fortunately a part of that is the investors are confident coming back to the stock market. it will go up even just people thinking it is up. >> what did you think of the report today? >> solid but not spectacular. to reduce thousand jobs is a good bumper but every other indicator was positive. most importantly we saw improvement of the for sandage otheramericans in
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the workforce. i was happy with this report but we should not be celebratory i rememr in the '80s and '90s we had five budgets thousand jobs in one month but it there is no such styles as to get the jobs created. i would be a hap camper. i think this is a superstition that if you get a good jobs report it is bad for stocks. dennis: about the labor participation rate up that 63 percent. before win the participation rate -- rate went up bottom plant that builds up because we do look for a job that cows as the unemployed but that all -- but now it went down even though for dissipation went up isn't that the double bonus? >>. [laughter] did was a mystery.
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friday you should touch on that it was gd news but with the established trend survey one was the survey of households that runs about half the number of new jobs every month for the last year. we get some conflicting pictures about how good the jobs pitcher really is. dennis: what will the need for the oba and administration and what she did? werke aig is great news. he had a bad couple of weeks with the launch but it shows e policy put in place years ago are paid dividends. where people are participating and it is god all-around heading into the holiday season where people have confidence and spent more buddy it shows we have
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to stay the course talking to about jobless benefits that helps to fuel the growth for people to participate and this creates more jobs. congress has to make sure it is a fragile recovery they cannot have that same sort of brings michelle to threaten to appear the debt ceiling and ready to get up a deal when we are supposed to. >> in the '80s and '90s we did not have just a tax increase of cuts but that have been dip this year that could have called is like having 400,000 jobs created because we're not in stimulus mive to do re. it was good news.
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>> so if we have a government is shut down assembly will have a quarter reported taken off for gdp what a powerful economic engine and then we have third quarter gdp growth of 3.6% invested a couple years it a good jobs ever. i thought the sequester were to be devastating? >>. >> the more it cuts spending the better for the private sector when dispense the dollar i don't understand the logic. >> we pay people borrow money not to work and people are working. that does not make sense.
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>> to give emergency benefits where does the money come from? >> if we give you a tax cut they will put it in their pocket. >> we have to make sure that people need the jobs and food get it. >> with 47 million people? people largely a pretty good job. >> of course, the we should not said that giving a lot more welfare benefits was better for the economy that it be better with 30 billion forth three or four years. if you pay people monday not to work fed you get people not working. is not a phd formulation.
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, as we have cut back the economy seems to have been improving >> the economy is getting better despite the cuts. >> we have a cutback of certain stains that have increased some states have stayed the same. it has not necessarily bad the emergency benefits and has spent a planet going forward and that is being debated very fiercely in washington but the economy is coming back and if we want to maintain this gro we have to do what spurs said and emergency benefit and even jobless. we don't want to keep them unemployed. they have got to get back into the workforce but those people wld rather be working right now standard day a living and they got the economy starts to continue those jobs 37 we
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have to do the things we can keep doing we have to shut down the government said the economy will more. kim so when we return of lookit to hot-button issues extended 99 weeks' unemployment benefits again after is the great recession ended. an addictive making source. stick around so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark?
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stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. dennis: the jobs market seems to be going in the right direction of that will it allow jobless benefits anyway? we have christopherodd and jaundice and do you feel based on today's numbers it was a key jobs report that first of all, to start with men of wage? raised the minimum wage? >> no reason why people who work full time should not be able to afford to live. read a living wage where peop could feel proud of what they do of what ever it
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is said the jobs created our service level jobs. a lot of people who have been through world war i of the unionized workers are of manufacturing paint is working in the service sector. then now these people go to work but now the government has to subsidize. stay back here is the thing. at with a wife and three children be i should not expect to work at mcdonald's and of making enough money to support the bill finally earned minimum-wage maybe i should not have had those three children. if that helps the of for the wide we just say everybody has to release 0 an hour now we solve poverty? why doesn't that work?
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>> i want you to be visited by a three spirits but that is a little ridiculous. reedy to make sure people are giving enough wages so they can live. some people can all they become the fry cooks. what are we supposed doo-doo? let the people subsidize them? that is what happens then of. people were caged for wal-mart or a fastfood chain. and 80 to be subsidized by the government. >> what about they to be all of their own what about higher wages no panacea? those that were higher as the usual all higher than the national rate and pay higher wages but then the us dash poverty and illinois.
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about in line with the national average despite the higher ben of wage -- but always to. >> california just weighs just the way down to attend or $11 but the poverty rate is 40% higher in california so it does not done a lot to help people with poverty but what chris is leaving now what wal-mart and donald sam burger king have the alternative to paying $11 per hour that they could pay zero to get rid of the jobs or replace them with computers or robots to. >> that is ridiculous you will like delta service jobs is my first job was minimum-wage. $2.65 per hour and a few of the first job you cannot get
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the second estimate in real dollars that is double the minimum wage today. so be honest. stay right there has not ben a real wage but it was the better wages in its day and i understand we're in a new economy. pope francis was very clear. said red crescent? [laughter] he cares about the message of christ's. we have to heed the words of poverty spread first of all, i would like to issue to the opel for issues of god island rather listen to stephen on issues of the economy. [laughter]
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capitalism has allowed it billion people to do triple for space it, over the past seven years the pope shed cozied up to us. >> i seit you could work as a child of the cold wind. in arkansas with people working two years with their kids is 60,000 but that is on a lot in california just with cost-of-living does not always work is great to raise minimum-wage there is too many variables that point to a clear path but ideally you do not want that of all wages and the recession yu want to increase unemploymenand you want those of benefits to drive wages down and the value could save that with unemployment benefits but they could never do that to
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adjust the problem with having a supply of that now is you want people to go into the hot labor market when it is weak otherwise they would flood the market to cause a depression. dennis: now we move on to a second topic extending jobless benefits understanding they read the between 36 weeks there you can get them up today denied weeks. the national bureau for economic research tells us when the recession begins and ends did a study. we believe that primary reasons for logger high on a planned rate since the great recession is because of extended federal payments for unemployment. i aid to know a guy who said when he gets two years of unemployed he will stop working and work on a novel but the study says would you
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give unemployment benefits in a market you end up keeping a higher level of pay on the jobs that are filled because the wages stay higher companies to do not create new jobs and unemployment stays high. both parties want to extend 99 weeks even though we are passing the crisis. >> title think the republicans to but it is on a high priority for the president. that study makes common sense everybody knows if you give them 52 weeks of the employee benefits they look for a job after 50 weeks if you give them 75they will work at 73. we know people like that so wedded to extend those benefits you essentially pay people. don't forget how we pay for those benefits through payroll taxes. how crazy is this program?
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pretax employers for hiring them and pay people not to work? is one of the craziest programs. >> i think there is some truth to your argument that may come as a surprise but there are also factors to be weighed entire sectors were wiped out in the last recession so it is hard to find suitable employment. >> gives the economy and adapt. >> sometimes you need more time to do that and that is why you get more time. >> died nine weeks? , 99 weeks? jedi that should do it if you cannot block did you go work at mcdonald's sadek but they're not be anymore because we will raise the battle waged. [laughter] dennis: it is set to stop
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talking but i could be a lot of a job here soon. nice job today. what you see it? the question of that i should the government extend unemployment benefits even if that adds to of employment? log on and we will shut -- share the results at the end of the show. more examples of past government god too far? have the problems plaguy obamacare and the white house said they fixed it but can you believe them? the truth about the incompetence. next.
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dennis: what happens when you combine arrogance with incompetence? you get obamacare despite the touted improvements the government can still not get its act together now a senior fellow at the manhattan institute jury says with the latest. it was part of bush saying mission accomplished but now they are doing a barnstorming tour sagan has spent fixed senate the standard is very low so that the vast majority can get on it if amazon says one out of five goes away is a catastrophic failure so back end problems they still have not even built 30 or
11:26 pm
40 percent of the web site that pays ensure so that people cannot access coverage and they already had problems up front once they put up the other it is all kinds of problems to beckett has not been a creative level on tested. dennis: obamacare errors have found wide and 10 days transferor's even though the progress rport says " although there is more work to be dyed the private sector velocity and the effectiveness. >> it is terrible. those forms are critical information because the web site has not been working once they start looking for the myth there areundreds of thousands of incorrect files it is a total nightmare. people cannot access health care on jay reversed. >> but i don't know if it? >> but to show up in a doctor's office that i have
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coverage of understand them but if it does have the permission of thensurer says to recover this%? do i pay a claim? >> i would have thought this would be to call on the insurance industry but that is our way to bash them as thieves over five years that the technology guys says we told them we would take it over and add to the microsoft contacted hhs to offer technical expertise and assistance of but so far nothing. baby it is just washington and too embarrassed to return to help for the private sector? to make it is procurement. they cannot buy stakes efficiently and all people response we get a bad product. boht only both sides agree they had incompetent project
11:28 pm
managers but also does not allow the best firms to say we can get the job done. dennis: amazon also offered to help obamacare. they said i wish we could do something to help you. how do they fix this? you're not gonna writing a website maybe you should have hired amazon to do is is this maybe should have outsourced this is there the underlying arrogance and hubris because they know better than business? >> in 2006 the bush administration set up medicare party the private exchange for seniors andblems bt running and today it is very good. but it agessive management control the process to hold people accountable and we have not had that. dennis: but did the bush
11:29 pm
guys to win it off the shelf or to reinvent the wheel? >> i figure they worked much more intensively to manage some of product with private plans if there was much more of a pate and a and club. dennis: revisited is not leaking gas period they issued critical regulations not issued until last summer so they pushed it as close to the wire as possible. dennis: i don't think this will get better soon. pot smoking about to become legal so is the wrong for employers to fire a worker for failing a drug test? a and the fed? down from personal dna testing to the price-fixing piano teacher. after e break. ♪ ♪
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to read and consider carefully before investing.
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dennis: the imperial proxy the federal government is on the especially aggressive power trip wielding of the power like a sledgehammer to protect you the helpless american consumer. look at those agencies in the news for the justice department goes after apple again. the fda going after a dna testing company and the ftc cracking down on piano teachers. we have walter olson from the cato institute. i have been falling government business and i feel this administration has been more meddlesome and intrusive more than i have ever seen before. >> i don't think you are in
11:34 pm
imagining i think they are very gung-ho for enforcements and come down like a ton of bricks but ev piano teachers. dennis: not a threat to the u.s. economy. started with "the wall street journal" a searing editorial on a federal judge of the apple price-fixing case. remember apple was found guilty because of the with publishers to say come with us charge whatever price you fly into a and to we will take 30% but now with turns out the price went down after the ipad came out so why are we cracking down for price-fixing? we do have a judge and a monitor going crazy. a good question whether they praised apple love was breaking up the monopoly believe thatside. the judge say tip into it a
11:35 pm
lot of people know about monitors. somebody will come in to watch their business they do for it back perot in this case the guy who wants $130 of fees for two weeks of work but decided they could make a big stink and the judge has backed off a a little bit. dennis: when apple pushed back the monitor began to demand to reach with a ceo's >> q budget to meet with the designer of the iphone and also albacore in those who did not share that. dennis: they did not scare the heck out of apple but this was wrote about where
11:36 pm
the fcc goes after the little trade group with a $2 million budget in cincinnati and 22,000 teachers and debt of these said we will remove several us now rates the chances students but it will monitor up to 20 years why is the sec going after a piano teachers group? >> because it can. any system that would have stopped when the teachers association said we'd never there was anything wrong that is always just advisory but nobody has used it to punish a member. that was the end of it and instead to have this oversize paperwork but it cannot possibly make sense.
11:37 pm
dennis: but the administration wants to teach business of lesson to prove who is in charge. >> like knocking somebody's cap off on the playground. they do it because they can. dennis: you have great metaphors. the bureaucracy stands from the white house to the statehouse with some 40,000 new laws passed by the state's last year and some are not as bad as others oscar -- also high points of fiscal policy but pedestals course will of personal freedom t stayed with members tueberith lower tax collections and it helps city has the right to riffed -- right to work state. number to south dakota
11:38 pm
ranking number one on fiscal policy with little tax spending in the number one state is north dakota. it also is the most improved in wins for being both economically and personal leave three. the least free state? new york. when we come back with cable fights brewing who is the loser? aid workerired for testing positive for marijuana how can it be legal to fire
11:39 pm
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dennis: a cloudy future ahead for the pot smokers fordespite tuesday's galizing the drug but companies are firing them does the federal law still ban the recreational use? the landscape of is this but
11:42 pm
to the sec review been you are watching -- rate a fabulous color to i. [laughter] this company fires a guy for smoking pot progress 64 percent of americans think it is unacceptable to fire for off the clock. does he have a case? iraqi desert and. since it shed nonpeak illegal but it but i do see if it is illegal federally in the bill in the state federal law tropes state law and the company can say we go with federal law. dennis: you are the lawyer but i see q are wrong. we have floated to stay. >> in those two decisions is important to build a single
11:43 pm
individual taking that medical marijuana with the structure but to know the area where you see it whole situation is the following figures whole ll is ridiculous that they have indicated there will not prosecute. these two for lost jobs because people over frigid. >> bayou to agree. >> yes but ottman appeal of these laws say local octave -- an activity civic given unlawful activity will that be allowed under the sell-off will activity act spurred by debbie cable of waffles because of the law that federal prosecutors said the bill but to enfor
11:44 pm
dennis: now for the rewind. [laughter] even in the colorado it is legal to walk down the street smoking dope or something but even in colorado i could still be arrested for violating federal law? >> i hate to believe the ad prosecutor friday with the law is. i don't agree but i just say that if you ask the question if he has the case but he doesn't. changed the lot. dennis: what 877-249-9626 called the federal governme says we will find foresaid in washington or colorado? rick they need to repeal that law because it is ridiculous and does not light up the way they go in the new states. but the practical effect you have somebody lawfully
11:45 pm
losing a job that is theoretically of lawful. >> that is legislative. you talk about process curatorial assistant fawn dash discretion but then if you really wan to change even though what is self policies tabled notire you but they can't. >> it is my employer allowed to fire me when they realize i have penderecki vodka at home over the weekend? can they fire before it the reason that it wants to? candy and flair hinge it could be discrimination read in this case mary kay's have off new deal laws you could dig gauge to of flexibility and not be fine to this new
11:46 pm
act you had a federaa court and a state court mckee access. but it is unlawful in the united states as a federal law is. >> that is a dtinction. because federal law says smoking pot or whatever it says is illegal no matter if they are prosecuted or not. >> but the state case is on appeal to is the tenth circuit hunt. >> but you don't have a case >> i don't disagree if that happens but not yet. so think about little states passing their law than the fed says we may not prosecute but it is still in legal. dennis: if i lived in
11:47 pm
legally be ys it is then i get off on a flight with medication and to believe. >> that is not the place to create another enemy. [laughter] >> once we have criminalization obviously a constrains the state's. i think that is the trend. >> we may decide the were better off doing see another way face you for being with us tonight. still to come the cable guide taking over fringing angus if you've got copd like me,
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dennis: the law hunt is on for time warner cable. reporting that top provider comcast the jury did j.p. morgan jays for a bid. despite the fact a smaller rival charter communications also pursues the number two time warner cable but is the consolidation good for the consumer? we have rob mcdowell's who'd just left thesecond the
11:52 pm
latest news comcast wants to raise money for time what -- water is compelling given that the standing republican and member of the sec said there is no way they butter prove that? >> that is my former colleagues and i don't know if he caves out that strongly. the conventional wisdom says it doesn't go through our bike to challenge that. the obama lead fcc will book has the opportunity to implement public policy through merger conditions except on other ways. it is how much of a price of regulatory cost as comcast want to pay to get their merger through? they bought a big price with nbc universal do they want to go through that again? is a really interested in the distribution and business and at what cost?
11:53 pm
but there will be others souders. >> guerin in head-to-head minority-owned challenges andexercise no voice at all in the men's room death of the tv room sites even though it should have rewrite's now the fcc is to hit to regulate the right to use the gate could reduce approval of the time warner deal to get them to agree to this interference? >> absolutely. looking at the merger conditions from three years ago with a nbc universal and it makes them more onerous
11:54 pm
thanushing health those conditions another seven years zero or more. but then i cannot find to it that argument so make sense but there could be double zeus say they have to build out broadband for schools or libraries or those that is noble should that be a brazier condition as a result of the merger? that is up for gratian's to fall go through with that. will charger or fewer issues survey our neighbors from of newark and save the trees have hefted. we will be right back with a
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in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. ♪ dennis: some in congress are pushing to renew unfunded benefits for long-term jobless. a new report says this will add to unemployment. what do you think? should benefits be extended? here are some posts from the show's facebook page. richard says, no, don't increase the number of weeks unemployment checks are gifted. the most influential we can get people back to work and o the government payroll is eliminating these payments altogether. michael agrees. no, do not do it. if the government was stop making it easy to stay unemployed, he says, then these obama voters would have to go out and vote -- work like the rest of us. we also asked on 15 percent said yes, increase extended payments. 85 percent no.
11:59 pm
e-mails. i do not believe the psident is telling the truth. he did mislead the american people. and do not understand how we can deny it here between from california system all the money obama has been so far on the affordab care act we could have given every american over $1 million, and they could have paid for their own health care for the rest of their lives. and here is gene from new york. the biggest problem with obamacare is that it is a government project. no budget concerns because it is not their money. the supply seems to be endless. so if they lose money or don't care who cares -- it does not work. it cares? is the taxpayers' money. to san michele and e-mail, go to coming up monday, ck with another installment of for users guide. all next week she will be answering your questions on taxes and had to be ready for year-end. lows on friday she will be taking your phone calls in the man's life. that is it for tonight on "the willis report." i'm dennis kneale. thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. ♪lves.
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constituency booby stars. [laughter] >>. >> to be a service to our president. >> they are eager to support their president how. >> they had no where to return until he arrived. >> don't how how. >> is specially the egalitarian system, not to stop the violence.


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